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Agust D Cupsleeve (Last Event)

Having fun with a new table set up in Little Tokyo for Suga's D-Day Tour Cupsleeve event.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jekun. I started this business to bring more representation to the K-Pop community for BI-QTPOC artists. I create fan art and fan-made merch catered to what I would love to see more of in the K-Pop fandom. It's a safe space for those who feel under-represented in our fan communities. I'm located in Los Angeles and while I do in-person market events, I want to expand more into an online presence to reach more people like me. What brings me purpose and joy in this venture is knowing that there's at least one other person out there who finds joy in what I create.

Previous Events

Winter-Spring 2023 Events

  • Equality Is You and Me Cupsleeve (Jan)
  • Sope Cupsleeve (Feb)
  • A Winter's Ball with BTS Cupsleeve (Feb)
  • Prod. Suga Cupsleeve (Mar)
  • Army With Luv Flea Market (April)
  • Agust D Cupsleeve (May)
  • King Agust D Cupsleeve (May)

Fall-Winter 2022 Events

  • Magic Shop Namkook Cupsleeve (Sep)
  • Mono Exhibition (Sep)
  • Magic Shop Jimin Cupsleeve (Oct)
  • Sailor Jimin Cupsleeve (Nov)
  • Dalmajung Night Market (Nov)
  • Kim's BDay Cupsleeve (Dec)
  • Winter Wonderland Flea Market (Dec)
  • Jimin Day Cupsleeve (Dec)
  • BTSVT Remix Cupsleeve (Dec)

Spring-Summer 2022 Events

  • K-Play Fest + Anime Impulse (Jan)
  • Hopeworld Cupsleeve (Feb)
  • Sope Cupsleeve (Feb)
  • In the Sope (April)
  • BTS Grammy Cupsleeve (April)
  • BTS Debut Cupsleeve (June)
  • In the Soop Flea Market (June)
  • Army Day Cupsleeve (July)

Fall-Winter 2021 Events

  • Y2Jimin Cupsleeve (Nov)
  • Jintendo Cupsleeve (Dec)

Summer 2021 Events

  • Army Day Cupsleeve (Aug)